Hey Mother Nature, you´re so wonderful

Be part of the "Mother Nature" movement and the music video for my first single "Oldest Soul". I am so looking forward to your nature video clip.


Dance, sing and jump to Oldest Soul Simply feel free.

Do what your heart wants. Like to play the song below and film for about 30 seconds while dancing, singing along and having fun. No matter whether with your beloved animal, simply you or with dear people in your household. Be creative and always remember Jasons words:

"Don't ever let your mind stop you from having a good time"
– Jason Mraz

Just press play and turn it up!

“Hey, Mother Nature, you’re so wonderful.

You’re full of wonders overall.

You are the oldest soul”

Participation is very easy

Just follow these 3 steps and you're in!

Step 1

Shoot a max. 30 second landscape video on which you celebrate the nature. You are also welcome to have the song played and dance to it . Or you can take an existing video from a wonderful place you love.

Step 2

Then upload your clip very easily by clicking on the button below. You don't need a Dropbox account to upload the video.

Step 3

Booooom! You are a wonderful part of the "Mother Nature" movement and your video is in our clip pool for the official music video which will be released in July.

5 inspirations for your clip

Anything is possible as long as you enjoy it. Just be yourself. Catch your joy in life and nature. Be creative with it. Here are 5 inspirations for you if you can't think of anything.

Dancing in the paradies

How to dance to "Oldest Soul" in green places ...

Impressive places

How you are impressed by the beauty of the earth ...

Fun with animals

How you can enjoy nature with your animal ...

Movement and craziness

How to celebrate nature with fun and exercise ...

Family Time

How you breathe in nature with your loved ones ...

Hey Mother Nature, you´re so wonderful