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1st single. 1st video.

Summer 2020!

Adrian touches people with his voice and songs deeply in their hearts

His stories, whether sung or spoken, immerse you in a world of mindfulness, reminiscent of a conscious approach to ourselves and our environment. His most important message is pure joy that he´s always and everywhere in his luggage.

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You are a natural born singer/musician. I say this sincerely, you are one of those 1 in million musicians. Keep up the great work

Daniel C.

Your voice is magic n let's me know life´s ok when I'm down. It reminds me I have a woman who loves me n the way you sing it is heaven to my soul.

Junior C.

Dear Adrian, that was such an awesome performance! I am once again astounded at the pure beauty of your artistry.

Lena S.

"Hey Mother Nature,

you’re so beautiful.

You are the oldest soul."

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